45 Years of Gratitude
Ever since founding the company in 1976, the legal team at Long River & International Patent Trademark Law Office has not only been forming close working relationships with the local Taiwanese market but also reached out globally, helping countless clients tirelessly. We deeply believe that the value of every intellectual property is worth cherishing for and ought to enjoy more comprehensive planning and protection. With that business philosophy operating behind our office for 40 years, we have accumulated a reputation that is widely recognized by our local and international partners.

We understand and believe that you need a trustworthy partner to help you smoothly navigate through all relevant intellectual property rights matters. Hence, Long River is forging even better working relationships abroad to help better protect each and every one of your invaluable corporate assets around the clock.

We are poised at our best in 2017 with the strongest legal team here at Long River & International Patent Trademark Law Office. Our many experienced patent attorneys, patent agents, trademark agents and lawyers represent names whom you can trust. Each case we receive from you represent not merely our responsibility but also a half-century long passion we have been tirelessly pursuing.
Patents and Trademarks Licensed
0 Cases Patents and Trademarks Licensed
The numbers speak for themselves.
Every year, Long River handles over 1,000 patent and trademark applications. In the past 40 years alone, we helped to license over 20,000 cases in patent and trademark rights for our clients. Many high profile international cases were amongst them (PCT patents, Madrid trademarks, to name a few).
It would not have been possible to support such massive operation without a complete organization structure and computerized information system. In the never ceasing struggle between case quality and quantity, Long River continues to innovate for better possibilities.
International Patent Talents
0 Talents International Patent Talents
Any legal concerns you have can be answered by us, to your satisfaction here at Long River.
Our professional talents rank past a hundred. Included are many senior patent attorneys, patent agents, trademark agents, and lawyers. We are here to provide you with the most immediate and professional assistance for your intellectual property affairs for your enterprise.
Local and Global Affiliates
Mutiple Local and Global Affiliates
We are actively involved with many local and global affiliates.
TWPAA, Bar Associations, APAA, INTA, and AIPPI. On the home front and abroad, we have you covered.


Professionalism built on dedication
Each and every one of our service we offer reflects our value on doing what is right. We are honored to solve each and every one of our client’s problems with our knowledge of law and technical expertise.


Let us translate the innovative ideas of your enterprise into well drafted legal documents so you can be assured that the rights of your ideas are fully protected. Our professional insights will help you overcome any office actions, obtain patents, trademarks and other protection rights.


We carefully manage the protection to all of your business rights. We swiftly and efficiently handle issues such as invalidations, oppositions and even infringement litigations and other cases, so that intellectual property rights are firmly protected.


Any other concerns regarding issues such as copyright, fair trade law, corporate law and relevant legal issues can all be handled by our highly qualified and experienced legal team.


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